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Laboratory 43015

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You really shouldn't go in...

Today is the Annual National Science Day. Every year scientific facilities in the country open their doors for the curious ones. You are lucky to have a ticket for a tour in the Governmental Labs – one of the most mysterious research center in the capital. It is rumored that some research projects are violating all international conventions on both animals and human rights. You know it is forbidden to separate from the group but the curiosity is stronger than your common sense, and this “restricted area” zone is so close... One glance at the lab and you know that it was a really bad decision. Think and act fast – at least as long as you can...

Your tour will be 60 minutes with a maximum group of 6 adventurers. We rate this escape room experience a 9/10 in difficulty. Arrive 5 minutes early to sign waivers and get into the laboratory.  Your group will be the exact group you book, you won't be paired with others outside of your group.

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