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Crabtree Manor - Death and Greed

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Welcome to Crabtree Manor - Death and Greed, an escape room experience like no other. Step into the eerie world of the Crabtree sisters, Evelyn and the late Beatrice, who lived an enigmatic life within these walls for eight decades. 

Beatrice has long passed, leaving behind tales of her strange behavior and vast wealth. Evelyn, the last surviving sister, recently joined her in death, leaving behind a mansion rumored to hold untold treasures and the key to their mysterious fortune - their last will and testament.

You and your team have been enlisted by Constance Merryweather, the younger sister's confidante, who promises a share of the estate if you can locate the elusive will and testament hidden somewhere in the manor. But beware, Crabtree Manor is not just another old house; it's a labyrinth of secrets, puzzles, and eerie surprises.

As you navigate through dimly lit corridors and rooms filled with oddities, the tension mounts. Every creaking floorboard and whispering wind seems to tell a story of greed and secrecy. Time is of the essence - the longer you linger, the closer you are to discovering the truth or becoming trapped forever in the web of the Crabtree sisters' dark legacy.

Can you unravel the mysteries of Crabtree Manor, find the will and testament, and escape with your share of the fortune? Or will you succumb to the house's sinister charm, joining the ghosts of those who dared to seek its secrets? The choice is yours, but remember, not all treasures are worth the price of their discovery.

Your tour will be 60 minutes with a maximum group of 12 adventurers. We rate this escape room experience a 8/10 in difficulty. Arrive 5 minutes early to sign waivers and get into the house.  Your group will be the exact group you book, you won't be paired with others outside of your group.

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