An Immersive Escape Room experIence

built in a historic victorian house

The House in the Woods
Your Friend Larry has been investigating an old house in the woods for his article, it is rumored that dark magic is being practiced there. Larry's final message to you is disturbing, he needs your help NOW. Time is limited and if you want to see him alive, you'll need to pay a visit to 127 Crystal Lake Lane.
The Mayan Temple
Professor Jones has been searching the jungle for a hidden Temple that holds a magnificent treasure. Contact with the group has been lost and the weather is getting worse by the minute. If the location floods all of his efforts and the treasure may be lost forever. The eye of the storm is getting closer, and the FOG doesn't look good..
Laboratory 43015
Governmental Labs
is known as one of the most mysterious research centers in the capital. For National Science Day they have allowed guided tours and you are lucky enough to have a ticket. You know it's forbidden to seperate from the group but a certain restricted area has sparked your curiosity...
About Us

Unlike other escape complexes built into strip malls, Crooked Cottage Escape rooms is located in an old victorian house directly outside of historic Downtown Delaware, Ohio. All of our rooms are hand built and designed by escape room enthuisits. Reflective of our 100% positive 5 star reviews, we take pride in our rooms and customer satisfaction. Our Game Masters are always on site and here to help make your escape game enjoyable, whether you need a little more help along the way or you want to tough it out until the end, contact with them is based on your needs and wants. We offer a wider variety of skill level rooms to allow beginners and seasoned escapers pick an adventure they will enjoy! All of our Rooms are private to the booking group to ensure you have a unique experience with your chosen party.

Locally owned and operated
No reschedule Fees
Game Masters on site
Top Rated Escape complex